August 1, 2010

Day 7 - The Detox is officially over

Day 7
Down 3.4lbs!

10:30am Basil, lime, apple, cuke juice w/kale. My favorite. I’m having some tea this morning, my first sip of caffeine in a few days. Got a late start so I didn’t bother with breakfast.

Shop shop shopped until I dropped. Went a little nuts. I was kind of joking the other day when I said I was going to buy a Mac OR socks OR sunglasses. Well I bought all three plus clothes at Banana and Anthro. I never looked at the clothes at Anthropologie before, why? Dummy.

1:30pm blue cheese and pear salad with dried cherries, pecans and vinaigrette at my favorite mall restaurant of all time – Nordstrom Café. Yum yum yum.

4:30pm Snack. I was starving by the time I got home as the salad was small. I downed the rest of my basil juice from this morning – I made a quadruple batch. In fairness I always make a double so I made a double double. I have a mild headache. I’m ready to rock this MacBook Pro if only Bernie would call with the password for our network. Oooh, he just did. Thanks Marija. (I've been keeping a running log of my detox experience this week so sometimes my tense is past, present, future).

5:15pm leftover homemade pizza from yesterday.

7:15pm dinner was leftover pasta primavera with goat cheese from yesterday.

My new Mac just wiped out the SD card for my digital camera. My last back-up was 6/28. Poor end to an otherwise great day.  I wonder if anything important was lost, or just the typical garden/dog pictures.  Big bummer.

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