August 31, 2010

BL3 First Weigh-In!

So it is that time again, weigh-in day!  Email me or facebook me your starting weight today and then every Tuesday until October 19th.  Let me know if you want to have a prize for the winner, I'm thinking we have enough people and would only need to pitch in $5 and we could probably do prizes for the top 2.  Our winner from BL2 just got her prize, her very own Keri Bag!  Michelle lost 7.69% to get this baby! This is the perfect bag for walking to the farmer's market and buying all sorts of healthy veggies and local items.  It was sewn with love from our very own Pickle, check out her Etsy shop here.  I don't have my list in front of me but so far we have Claire, Danielle, Me (duh), Michelle M-K, Michelle S-B, Amy S-C, Chelsea, Karin, Tracy C-R, Sharon, Marcy...did I miss anyone? Anyone else want to join us?  

A Few Rules:
  • First weigh-in will be Tuesday August 31 with a 1 week grace period for those who are unable on day 1.
  • Weigh in every Tuesday for 7 weeks and report your progress to me via email or facebook message (no one's weight will be shared on this blog)
  • I'll post weekly results
  • Final weigh-in is Tuesday October 19, you have to weigh in sometime during the last week
  • There will be a prize for the winner if we so choose

A Few More Rules:
  • Ladies only, and only ladies I know or who Follow my blog (anyone else can certainly follow along and would love to hear your comments!)
  • We're on the honor system, cheaters need not apply
  • Weekly weigh-ins should be on the same scale, at the same time, in the same outfit (or sans outfit if you prefer) and don't do something sneaky for that first weigh-in like down a gallon of water or put on your snow suit (Claire, this means you). Even though Claire is now skinny, she's still sneaky, so I'll leave this rule in.  :)  
  • The person that loses the largest percentage of body weight (not number of pounds) will be our Biggest Loser
  • Post a comment to this blog or send me an email if you want to participate!!!
  • keri dot hoffman at pepsico dot com

If you want a recap of past contests, click Biggest Loser in the archive by content section on the right.  Good luck everyone!!!!

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