August 28, 2010

Biggest Loser 3????

So I just spent a fantastic week in good ole Michigan eating my heart out...not intentionally, but eating out 3 meals a day is kind of the norm when traveling.  It was a hectic and stressful week which triggers something in my brain to say french fries are legal.  Seriously, there wasn't a meal without a potato somewhere on my plate.  Anyway, I got to see everyone, spend time with my dad,  and I got a lot of work done.  I spent a minimum of 2-3 hours a day driving in the massive suburban supplied by Avis.  Blah blah blah, anyway, during this week I have eaten a lot of food, not all of it good for me, and haven't worked out.  I miss my juicer and my fruit smoothies, yoga, and workouts with my trainer.  I was already thinking, veggie detox starting Monday!  Then, at least 5 people emailed me in the last two days begging for a new contest.  So maybe it wasn't begging exactly, but there is interest.  I'm in if y'all are in. 

Here is the deal-y-o....we start Tuesday (duh) August 31 through Tuesday October 19.  7 weeks.  Why 7 you ask?  Because Danielle, Karin, and I leave on our cruise later that week and we need a little extra motivation.  If you're "in" send me your weight by Tuesday.

Details will come later.  Do you want to do it the same as the last two or do you have any ideas on how to change it up?  Do you want a prize, and if you do, do you want to contribute $5-$10 each?  I covered the prize last time but I'm no Donald Trump.  Email/FB me your suggestions.  I'm so ready.  See you all on Tuesday.

Yes Please


  1. I commend you on your trials with weight loss, what a bummer to always be concerned with what you want and what you should have. Have you read the book "Women, food and God"? read it twice, just a suggestion that might help.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I have a friend that swears by that book! My favorite to date is Judith Beck's The Complete Beck Diet for Life. I've pretty much read it all and tried it all and this one was a game changer for sure.



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