July 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

Note before we get started...if you don't like swear words wait for my next wholesome garden post, this one's not for you

Juice vs. green smoothie?  Wish I knew there was such a question before buying a juicer.  I'm going to go with: Both.  I'm having fun.  Juicing.  Who knew.  I bought the green smoothie book that Karen and Nipper recommended, just to cover my bases.

Parking ticket #3.  Pulled up to the meter with a quarter in my hand and it had 10 minutes left.  I can make it in the store for steaks and twice bakeds in less than 10 minutes I think to myself.  Throw quarter in purse.  Then the butcher was talking Chris-Craft.  Now, those who know me know I never engage in conversations with strangers.  Loathe it.  I mean seriously, why would I want to talk to you when I barely have time to talk to my friends?  But for whatever reason I said, in my most chipper voice (which is not very chipper), my grandpa worked for Chris-Craft for 42 years.  Algonac, Michigan.  That's right.  I lived behind the marina my whole life.  We have a 19' Holiday.  Test engine.  Blah blah blah.  The way this guy looked at me you would have thought I was a celebrity.  He even searched me down before I left to express his love.  No lie.  Come outside feeling pretty good about myself (because I was nice, for once) to a $25 ticket on my windshield.  Another one.  My third since moving downtown.  Just assumed it was because the meter expired until Bernie read it.  Mother fucker it was because I pulled up too far on the meter and it was lined up with my door.  Did you know that was illegal?  It was the last meter in a row, thought I would give myself a little room.  Fuck you meter maid.

Our water shut off valve has been bubbling crude for a few weeks now.  Turns out it is our responsibility. Fuck you Denver water.  First bid $4000.  Second $1500.  Fuck you plumbers.  Especially the first one you crook.

We picked our first head of broccoli today, I think it went too long and flowered a bit.  Rookies.  Also on the garden front we have no less than 1,000 green tomatoes out there.  When are you going to turn red already?

Boulder Art Fair sucked.  But they have the biggest farmer's market I've ever seen.  I bought striped beets which are supposed to be less earthy and sweeter than red beets.  Re: juicing.

I'm going to be spending my first night (week) alone in the "new" house in a couple of weeks and not looking forward to it.  Load the gun before you go honey and point out where the safety is, cuz I don't know how to use that shit.  Or maybe I'll revert to my old standby, sleeping with a screwdriver under my pillow locked in my room with the dog.  Seriously, a knife would cut me, screwdriver/dog combo makes more sense.

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  1. OMG, too many things to process. Good for the juicer, it changes the texture of things and you can enjoy the last bit of veggies/fruits. Did you know you can appeal the parking tickets? When I first got injured we went to the movies and parked in a handycap space (of course!) using the temp permit I got. When coming back to the car, this stupid shit face was giving us a ticket for parking on a spot that was also for larger vans... Jim started yelling at the girl, calling her names (you don't wanna know), I was complaining why do we get a ticket when almost half of the other handycap places were used by non allowed cars and none of them had tickets (seriously!!!). Anyway, the girl got so nervous at us screaming things at ther, that she wrote the ticket incorrectly. So I mailed them appealing it (the fine was $250) and they mailed me back with a "you were excused and liberated from the fine". Justice I thought.
    Do you want company on your night alone?



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