July 26, 2010

My Detox Program

I had a lot of indulgences last week including pizza delivery twice, homemade pizza once, Chinese food, lunch out, dinner out, a helluva lot of wine. Last night we went to a concert in the park and had cheese (brie and Taleggio), baguette, red wine, and salami for dinner. Yet my weight hasn't budged really. This makes me happy, but I physically felt like crap and when my friend Claire suggested a cleanse I was all over it. Our friend Chelsea is going to do it too. We’re all picking our own plan to follow.

I’m following a book I just bought, "The Raw Food Detox Diet" by Natalia Rose. I had already bought the book trying to learn more about eating raw.  I’m starting with what she describes as Level 3 (out of 5) . I'm hoping this will transition me into a more vegetarian and raw diet. I never got around to blogging about it but I got a juicer last week and am loving it.

I’m going to be eating/drinking fresh juice (mostly veggie), fruit, raw veggies, sprouted grain products, tea, raw honey, raw almond butter, etc. What I'm not going to have is eggs, coffee, alcohol, soda, red meat, chicken, pork, cow dairy. Some of the recipes have Salmon which I don't eat. Natalia recommends raw milk goat cheese over cow milk products. I’ll miss eggs and coffee above all else.

After half a day I think I’ve already caved on what I’m going to do for dinners. My plan was to stick with raw veggies and cold soup but come on, I need some warm/cooked food. There is a recipe section for cooked veggies and grain based dishes for me to fall back on.

Here is the low-down:, with a very basic overview here.

Natalia calls out 4 categories of foods 1. starch 2. flesh 3. nuts/seeds/dried fruits 4. fresh fruit and then has a ton of rules surrounding proper combining. The main points are below:

• Don't combine any of these groups at a meal.
• Never combine anything with fruit - should only be consumed on an empty stomach, ideally as your morning meal. Don't eat anything within 30 minutes after eating fruit. Never eat fruit after a cooked meal.
• Any of groups 1-3 can be combined with raw veggies.
• Groups 1-2 can be combined with cooked veggies
• Wait 3-4 hours after eating before switching food groups
• Cow dairy bad, raw goat dairy better

My day will basically look like this:

First thing - Green Lemonade
Breakfast - as much fruit as desired (at least 30 minutes after green lemonade)
Lunch - Raw salad, raw dressing and Lara bar
Snack - fresh fruit or green lemonade (at least 3 hours after lunch)
Dinner - Raw salad or soup, sweet potato, sprouted grain toast like Ezekiel (at least 30 minutes after snack)
Dessert – 1/3 Dagoba 75% chocolate bar or 1/2 package Alta Dena raw goat cheese

What I like about her plan is she is not a vegan. She basically says don't try to go 100% raw Day 1, that you will fail and it is not good for your body. She says wine and coffee are not the biggest problems, processed food, cow dairy, and soy are. She also says if you want a cheeseburger or shrimp scampi or whatever, have them - but don't have fake foods like soy burgers or tofurkey to try and meet a craving. I like that she is not rigid. It allows you to eat healthy and gradually improve over years - if you want to. Supposedly when she started eating this way she got super skinny. Basically there is no mention of portion size since you are eating pure raw foods - as long as you don't stuff yourself.  The biggest con is the complicated food combining rules.  Day 1 and recipes to come.

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