July 11, 2010

Grow Dammit Grow, part 7, a Michigan garden tour

As if I haven't bored you enough with my garden, I thought I would show you a few of our friend's gardens. 

First up, a Big 'ole Michigan garden.

 Tomatoes, peppers, squash, herbs, cucumbers
you name it, it's in there
I brought seedlings when I visited in May.  One of my Yellow Pear tomato seedlings growing tall.
One of my King of the North Pepper seedlings with its first pepper!
Cherry tomatoes, banana peppers, and basil...

 A few tips for your fall crop courtesy of the Hudson Valley Seed Library

1.) Sugar Snap Peas : Sow now through late July
2.) Piracicaba Broccoli : Sow now through late July
3.) Dinokale : Sow now through late July
4.) Danvers Carrot : Sow now through early August
5.) Rainbow Chard : Sow now through early August
6.) Benning’s Patty Pan Squash : Sow now through mid-July
7.) Lettuce : Sow now through mid-September
8.) Bok Choy : Sow now through mid-August
9.) Tatsoi : Sow now through mid-August
10.) Bloomsdale Spinach : Sow mid-August until soil freezes

I just ordered some more seeds including sugar snap peas, lettuce, and more Bloomsdale spinach.  Don't tell Bernie.  Next up in my roving gardener series, a Colorado Springs container garden.  Riveting.

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