July 27, 2010

Detox Day 2 - feeling awesome!

Day 2
Down 0.6lbs!

Woke up feeling good although I didn’t sleep very well. Wasn’t hungry at all.

7:30am finished Green Lemonade. I prep this drink first and then drink it while I’m prepping everything else and getting ready for my day. Again, it took me about an hour. Who knew eating raw fresh food would be so time consuming, or so expensive. There is a reason people eat off the dollar menu. Unfortunately. I got a cool tip from one of Kris Carr’s vlogs, used my quart jars to bring my juice in today. They hold a lot, well, a quart actually, and they don’t leak!

10:20am breakfast. Finished breakfast at around 12:15PM. Fruit fruit and more fruit. Started off with some melon. Then Anita gave me some grapes – score! Why didn’t I buy grapes? Grapes are yummy.  I had an orange – not great. Too much work to peel. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve peeled an orange. 10 Rainer cherries. I find it hard to eat a lot of fruit in one sitting. Hopefully my body appreciates my sacrifices.

12:30 fine.
12:45pm HUNGRY!!! I guess Natalia (detox author) was right about fruit being out of your stomach in 30 minutes. It was like clockwork.

1:20pm-2:05pm Lunch. Big romaine salad with Dijon-cider dressing, carrots, and cukes. Dressing could use less vinegar, more olive oil. Beet/carrot juice. Chocolate coconut chew Lara bar – ingredients are dates, almonds, walnuts, unsweetened cocoa powder, unsweetened coconut. Recipes below. The beet juice was much better than last time I made it. This time I used one of those beets that are pink and white on the inside and they are supposed to be sweeter. Something in that lunch made my tongue burn big time. Made some green tea.

3:15pm getting hungry, still sipping my tea. Veggies and fruit make you toot. Just saying, that’s what I’ve heard from other people, like Claire,  it has never happened to me. Ever.

4:30pm Snack. Cucumber, Basil, and Lime juice again because it is awesome. Added wheat grass again. Sometimes the wheat grass seems to just shoot out of the juicer into the waste bin instead of getting juiced up. Some of the whole grass snuck into my juice and was quite the surprise as I was sipping down the freeway (Weezer reference).  See yesterday’s blog for the recipe.

5:30pm workout – hot yoga with Claire.  Not too hard, only an hour.  Using my 5 week Groupon at Corepower.  It was good for a detox week.  Sweated like crazy.

7:30pm Dinner.  Leftovers from last night.  Spelt pasta, sauteed spinach, garlic, green onion, grape tomatoes.  Some olive oil and goat cheese.  Bernie had hot dogs.  Luckily I didn't have to watch.  Because I lurvs me some hot dogs.

Overall I'm feeling really good.  Healthy.  Like when I was a kid and wanted pulp in my orange juice, because pulp is the vitamins.  Who needs vitamins when you're eating real food?


According to my BFF Gwyneth: This juice is the most incredible color and is wonderfully sweet. Beets are said to lower blood pressure, carrots pack a super beta carotene punch, apples are cancer-fighters and ginger just loves your heart.

1 large or 2 medium beets
2 large carrots
1 large apple
½ lemon, zest and pith removed
1” piece of ginger
-Juice everything into a glass, stir and enjoy

1.5T Dijon
1/3c apple cider vinegar
4T cold-pressed olive oil
2 packets Stevia
Freshly ground pepper to taste
-Blend all ingredients until smooth. Keeps for 3 weeks.

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