July 30, 2010

Day 5 - could someone get me a cheeseburger?

Day 5
Down 2.8lbs!

Still tired in the a.m. Bernie left for his long trip to Michigan. I leave all the time but he hasn’t went on a trip without me in 7 years!  Seriously, I'm on him constantly to get out of the house and then when he does, "don't leave me here!"  Typical chic move.

8:00am Green Lemonade. I had my first juicer mishap – didn’t put the waste bin in place and shot kale bits everywhere. Luckily it was only a few pieces and it was mostly pointed at the sink. What a mess that could have been.

10:00am – 11:45am Breakfast. Had a pear. I juiced an orange and maybe 1/3 of a pineapple and then blended that with 1 stevia, strawberries, blueberries, and a banana. Much better than the grapefruit concoction. It made less than yesterday, maybe a pint and a half. 8 cherries in between my smoothies.

12:45pm-1:15pm “lunch”. Whatever, this isn’t lunch. I’m eating carrots out of the garden that Bernie peeled for me and cucumbers that he cut up. Dipping the carrots in the Dijon dressing. Dipped a few of the carrots into almond butter – not bad. As I type this Bernie is in Nebraska on his road trip to Michigan. I dream of him eating Quarter Pounders with Cheese, Munchos, Diet Pepsi and all the other road trip fair as I eat my veggies and a coconut cream Larabar.

Lunch was kind of light because I didn’t have any lettuce to make a salad with but I should have just taken some out of the garden. It is covered in squash plants right now so I kind of forgot about it.  I need to post pictures, the squash is taking over the yard and the tomatoes are 7+ feet tall, no joke.

4:15pm Green Lemonade

6:00pm dinner – leftovers. So good. I was starving and ate dinner really early.  I realized that not working out after work left me free to get hungry. Option A: workout, burn calories. Option B: don’t work out, don’t burn calories, eat calories. Hmmmm….

8:15pm microwave popcorn.  Yuk.  Tasted gross and salty.  Maybe after 5 days of raw fruits and vegetables crap food starts to taste like...well, crap?  Interesting concept.

I think I’m going to get lonely this week without my husband.  Maybe I'll go buy myself something pretty. Like a Mac Book. And new sunglasses. And socks. Socks aren’t pretty, but I’m in serious need of some socks. We’ll see. We’re working out in the park in the morning and Heather is going to be out for blood. Then off to the farmer’s market to stock up.

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