July 29, 2010

Day 4 - easy breasy

Detox Day 4
Down 2lbs!

Super tired again this morning, really struggling to get up. Not being tired at night and staying up too late doesn’t help.

8:00am Green Lemonade. I’m running low on produce so I made it with red leaf lettuce, a bunch of kale, two small lemons, one apple, and one pear. Pretty tasty actually. I only prepped breakfast this morning. I’ll need to run out to the store at lunch and then fix something quick at home. It actually should work out well since I need to let the poor dog out. Steroids make him thirsty.

10:00am-11:45am Breakfast. I juiced a grapefruit and maybe 1/3 of a pineapple and then blended that with 1 stevia, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. It made two mason jars of berry colored goodness. The grapefruit adds a nasty bitterness and aftertaste. It’s kind of foamy and I wish I had a straw but otherwise good and I don’t have to choke down a bushel of berries. I take that back, the grapefruit is overpowering and makes my face squish up.

I just got an email from Artisanalcheese.com. No wonder I have cheese on the brain when I get emails like this every day.  I mean seriously, who could be vegan when there is yummy cheese like this is in the world?
1:00pm lunch. Had a coconut cream pie Larabar which might be the best yet. Had a salad with red leaf lettuce, yellow grape tomatoes, cucumber, a little goat cheese, and the Dijon dressing.

3:45pm. Mental note.  I want a mother f’in sandwich. From Udi’s. Eggplant panini with goat cheese and roasted red peppers.

4:30pm snack. Basil, Lime, Cuke, Apple juice. The juicer didn’t get too much out of the basil this time so it is good but doesn’t have that WOW! factor that I was hoping for.

5:30pm Weight workout with my trainer Heather and Chelsea. Got my sweat on for 45 minutes.

7:45pm Dinner. Fresh pasta primavera. I sautéed green onions and garlic in some olive oil, then added carrots fresh from our garden, then spinach, then some yummy yellow pear tomatoes. Put chopped asparagus in with the pasta. Tossed it all up with some olive oil. Bernie had his with fresh parmesan and I had mine with crumbled goat cheese. Yum yum yum. It kills me that I bought tomatoes when I have 1,000 green ones on the vine.

I think I’ve forgotten all about that sandwich I wanted.  Umm, I guess not. 

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