July 27, 2010

CB's Detox Day's 1 & 2

Guest post from Claire (CB=Claire Bear, yeah, you heard me) - check out how her first two days went on our week long detox.

Day: 1

Weight: Down 1.5lbs!
Feel: pretty good... and pissed.

How can I feel pretty good and yet pissed, you ask? Well, had a pretty good day at work- stayed wicked busy, so I didn't really feel tired or anything and it would have been one of those days where I wouldn't have a chance to make my lunch, so drinking my food instead worked out really well. For "breakfast" I had juice made of three carrots, one beet, one grapefruit, two peaches, and half a pint of strawberries- about 32 oz of juice. I drank that in two spurts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

For "lunch" I had juice made of three celery stalks (leaves and all), a handful of spinach, a handful of parsley, and a cup of pineapples (I cheated and used can, but it was all-natural and my darling husband said I had to use it before I made him cut up a fresh pineapple, and you know I wasn't about to do it!)- about 16 oz of juice (green- use caution if you're going to store it in the office fridge). I drank this in two spurts too, once at lunch time and another around 5p in the evening. I also drank about 32 oz of water during the day and had my regular vitamins. I felt a little sick around noon, but that was probably in my head.

At 5:15 I joined Chels and Ker at Heather's house for an ass-kicking. Going to Heather's is a great deal- you get a great workout and a therapy session for a bargain. Seriously, if you've never done a session, definitely consider it as a gift to yourself! So after a great workout and better girl talk, I returned home to my wonderful, supportive husband. Or so I thought- here's where the "pissed" comes in. I walked in the house while on the phone with Ker and made a comment that I wasn't sure what I was going to prepare for dinner. I thought I heard Dom (the husband formerly known as "supportive" and "darling") make a comment about how pasta and homemade sauce (drool) was for dinner, but ignored it- surely my darling and supportive husband wouldn't tempt me like that on Day One. So I ran up to take a shower and when I returned downstairs he asked me- get this- if I wanted some. WHAT?? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M DOING?? HAVEN'T YOU HEARD ME BITCHING ABOUT WHAT I'M DOING FOR THE PAST THREE DAYS?? I was slightly irked and made a sarcastic comment about how happy I was that he was so supportive. I'm trying to be unpissed. Perhaps my dinner of carrots/celery/homemade hummus and dessert of frozen raspberries will help put life back in perspective for me, but if that doesn't work, I bet I can milk him for a backrub;)

But other than Dom's slip, so far, so good! I feel great physically and am super excited about what I'm doing. Plus, did you see the change in my weight already?? Now granted, I'm doing this for the health benefits and to prove that I have willpower and blahblahblah, but a little weightloss goes a loooooooooong way for my motivation!

Day: 2
Weight: down 3.5lbs!
Feel: proud

142!! I got on the scale twice just now to make sure- how could I have that much nonsense in my system that my weight was inflated that much?? Granted, I'm not seeing any change in my glorious thunder thighs (my dad calls me "solid"), but that will come:)

Today I woke up at 5:15a and spent 30 mins making my juice. I made one with grapefruit, strawberries, one beet, a lemon, and two peaches. For the record, I've been juicing for a while, so my breakfast drink is usually fruit that I need to use before it starts growing stuff on it, so they're my own recipes. Guess I'm relatively creative after all!

Lunch juice was one stalk celery, one small beet, one granny smith apple, a bunch of parsley and spinach. The recipe calls for a handful of spinach and parsley, but how much is a handful?? I was feeling ambitious and wanted to be extra healthy so I used a ton of spinach and parsley, apparently too much because the damn stuff is still sitting in the fridge at work. Arg. I think tomorrow I'll bring the recipe I had on Monday- that one was pretty good!

After work today Keri and I met at yoga (heard Chels went to the studio near her house- woohoo!!) and I was driiiiiiiping sweat- it was ridiculous!  Glad I went because I do feel great. I'm just really proud that I really am sticking with this- today I had so many temptations from a free lunch at Udi's to tons of mini Twix bars being dangled in my face. But I sat and sipped my juice and focused on how proud of myself I am that I'm really doing this.

Physically, I feel pretty okay. I have a bit of a headache and I feel a little tired, but I don't think anything out of the ordinary. Mid day I really felt the hunger, but also the boredom- it was around the time I'd be munching on my honey roasted peanuts. Luckily, I had some virgin walnuts to hold me over. My GM made a comment that I'm a health nut and it took me by surprise- no one had ever considered me, queen of Cheetos, a health nut! Awesome:)

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