July 28, 2010

CB's Detox Day 3

Another day in the life of Claire...

Day: 3
Weight: down 4lbs!
Feel: sososo proud and happy!!

Today was not easy- I was so tempted to eat real food, to eat imaginary food (around 2p I started fantasizing about a footlong hot dog with relish and a Coors Light with blue mountains), to skip yoga, to pass out right on my desk... not necessarily because I was tired, but rather because if I sleep the time that I can't eat passes faster.

For breakfast I choked down my drink from the previous day, and then I milked my delish mixture of one orange, two carrots, a handful of spinach, a handful of strawberries and one grapefruit. In case you can't tell, the citrus-based juices are definitely my favorite. Tomorrow I'm going to try to incorporate beet greens into it- I hear the greens of the beet are even better for you than the beet itself!

Keri and I went to yoga and I walked in with my head pounding and ready to bitch- and perhaps pass out- throughout the class. Plus, one woman with stinky feet and no concept of personal space has no idea how close she came to death tonight. But once we got started, I felt AWESOME! I went deeper into postures than I'd gone before, was able to close my eyes in tree (you try it- it's not as easy as it sounds!), I loved feeling my muscles working so hard together and I was sososo happy deep down in my soul! I know it's corny and I don't care- it was fantastic! Granted, I'm not attributing this shift to beet juice, but I have to imagine that the crap coming out of my system is allowing crap to come out of my head and awesomeness to come in. I don't think it's realistic that I could maintain this lifestyle 100% of the time, but there are definitely pieces I will incorporate permanently.

Now I have to go convince my husband to calm down and stop packing up our belongings- we're paying the carpet installers hundreds extra to move our belongings SO WE DON'T HAVE TO. And there's the old Claire:)

PS- I did get that backrub, just in case you were wondering!

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