June 24, 2010

Dining room before and after - work in progress!

I wanted to wait until the dining room was done before I posted pics but I have a feeling it is going to take some time and I just couldn't wait to share!  Here is what our dining room looked like before we bought the house.  I used to love Pottery Barn until I saw it in our 105 year old Denver Square home.  Made the decision right then and there to evolve my style.  The red stressed me out.  The light fixture was one notch above uglyassbrassglass builder grade (thanks Claire for that great word).  10 years ago I would have died to have a room like this - wine glasses on the wall, PB buffet, table, chairs - sigh.  Now, not so much.
Bring on the paint.  Benjamin Moore Mount Saint Anne was the final choice.
New chandelier.  Coincidentally it has details that tie in perfectly with the damask on the walls.  I have an identical chandelier new in box if anyone is interested I'll cut you a good deal.  Long story.
We bought the mango wood dining table from Arhaus when we lived out in the burbs.  Luckily our new house has a rare feature - a large square dining room.  Colette linen chairs in natural burlap with pewter nail heads are from Crate and Barrel.
The most recent change was adding "The Big Brocade" damask stencil in Pearl White Shear from the Modern Masters metallic paint collection.  I wasn't about to take on this job so we hired Jen from Icing Studios.  The Vietnamese cabinet was a Craigslist find by our interior designer Jamie.  Totally scored on that one!
I love it so far...
...can't wait to see how it turns out!


  1. I just discovered your blog today when I was googling stenciled walls, anyway your dining room looks great! love the color on your walls too:)



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