June 2, 2010

Half Marathon Anyone?

I've been accused of being bossy but we all know that aint true.  Anyway, I strong armed convinced a few folks to do a half marathon this October.  The Denver Marathon was bought by the Rock'n'Roll series and a bunch of us (me, Claire, Chelsea, Kenny, Anita, Dom, Logan, Jaime, etc.) will be running or walking 13.1 miles Sunday October 17.  Want to join us?  Check it out.  If the course is like last year it will go by our house on City Park.  Look!  There's Bernie and Cooper cheering us on from the pink flamingo paddle boat!  Boy that dog loves him some paddle boat.

Since we have a few first timers some have asked me for a training program - yes, because I'm an expert runner, anyway.  You can find adequate training programs all over the place - online, Runnersworld.com, etc.  But I've always been drawn to this program from Jeff Galloway for its simplicity.   I'm not going to steal his program outright, you'll have to go to his website to check it out.

Jeff is known for his run/walk method but this program could work for runners, walkers, or run walkers like myself.  I would say Some would say Jeff takes a long time to train you (17 weeks is a bunch for a half) but when real life happens and you miss a week or two or four you'll still be able to get the proper training done.  Not that this has ever happened to me. ahem.   I also like that it keeps the weekdays simple by using time as a guide and then your long run on the weekend is mileage based.  It just seemed more do-able than any of the other programs I've used (everyone's got 30 minutes right?)...but hey, I walk more than I run so use this or find another program that speaks to you.  You have just shy of 20 weeks from today.  Just don't try to wing it.  Trust me, injuries can last a long long time.  Happy running, see you in October!

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  1. Does the half pass by Wash Park? I'll be there cheering for all of you awesome people!!! You should have t-shirts made, that way you will look as a team and I will be able to recognize you all :o)



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