June 23, 2010

BL2 Week 11 - One Week Left!!!!

One Week Left!  Are you meeting your goals?  I hope so, but either way, for the last 11 weeks you've made the decision to be a healthier person and that is the most I can hope for.  Anything more is just low fat icing on the fat free cake!  (just kidding, don't eat that low fat / fat free crap)

Below is the percentage of weight loss after Week 11 (this is a running total, not a weekly result).  Quite a few people haven't been weighing in which is fine, if I don't hear from you by the last weigh in Tuesday July 29th I'll take your name off the list.  I would like to think that everyone sees this as a fun contest that encourages us to make healthy changes not something to stress you out.  Because one thing none of us needs is more stress in our lives!  Heidi, Michelle, and Karin are kicking ass and taking names in our top three spots again this week!  Way to go ladies!

Keri 1.09%
Pickel 0.56%
Karin 5.69%
Carolina 1.59%
Kristy 0.85%
Auntie Ann 0.68%
Jennifer 3.05%
Tracy 0.00%
Danielle 0.46%
Claire 3.16%
Mindy 0.65%
Jamie 2.14%
Amy S-C 2.56%
Lara 0.00%
Marcy 1.38%
Megan 1.19%
Leah 1.14%
Molly 0.00%
Heidi 7.90%
Anne Marie 3.39%
Amanda 2.60%
Michelle 7.69%
Lori 4.93%
Stef 0.00%
Chelsea 2.38%
Sharon 5.42%

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