June 15, 2010

BL2 Week 10

What are your goals for the Last 2 Weeks???

Full disclosure here at Tuesday Night, I'm sitting at a sports bar in the Tucson airport waiting for my flight that won't get me home until midnight.  I had a cheeseburger with fries and a beer.  Gasp, it's true.  While writing this week's Biggest Loser blog no less.  Such is life, I'll be working out tomorrow and glad to put an end to two straight weeks of travel.  Just in time to finish up this thing with some results.  BTW, I'm in the seating area outside of the bar where it appears to be a ladies only area - who wants to be in that loud bar with all those sports on the t.v.'s anyway?

Below is the percentage of weight loss after Week 10 (this is a running total, not a weekly result). Heidi is still in the lead and Michelle made a HUGE leap this week!!!!  That 5k she finished must have done the trick.  I feel a real competition brewing here.  With only 2 weeks left will it be Heidi?  Michelle?  Or...YOU!?!

Keri 1.01%
Pickel 0.56%
Karin 5.23%
Carolina 1.59%
Kristy 0.85%
Auntie Ann 0.68%
Jennifer 3.05%
Tracy 0.00%
Danielle 0.31%
Claire 2.46%
Mindy 0.65%
Jamie 2.14%
Amy S-C 3.21%
Lara 0.75%
Marcy 1.03%
Megan 1.19%
Leah 1.14%
Molly 0.00%
Heidi 7.90%
Anne Marie 3.39%
Amanda 2.02%
Michelle 7.69%
Lori 5.96%
Stef 0.00%
Chelsea 2.38%
Sharon 5.42%

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