May 25, 2010

BL2 Week 7

The Biggest Loser finale is on tonight, anyone watching?  I think I'm rooting for Michael, or the chic in pink.  Below is the percentage of weight loss after Week 7 (this is a running total, not a weekly result). Heidi is back from vacation and still taking the lead in a big way!  Instead of talking Top 3 this week, look at all the people over 3% lost?  Excellent job everyone!  The biggest jump of the week goes to Amy S-C!  You have got this, keep it up!  As for me, my results aren't showing it but I am toatlly back on track - working out, eating right and feeling really good about it.

Keri 0.25%
Pickel 0.56%
Karin 3.48%
Carolina 0.79%
Kristy 1.70%
Auntie Ann 0.68%
Jennifer 3.05%
Tracy 0.00%
Danielle 1.39%
Claire 3.16%
Mindy 0.65%
Jamie 2.14%
Amy S-C 2.56%
Lara 0.00%
Marcy 0.69%
Megan 1.51%
Leah 1.14%
Molly 1.47%
Heidi 7.90%
Anne Marie 0.00%
Amanda 1.16%
Michelle 3.55%
Lori 3.33%
Stef 0.76%
Chelsea 1.89%
Sharon 3.69%

My lady M'oprah introduced me to The French Skinny Experiment blog awhile back which is about a fabulous girl named Shaboom that moved to Paris and lost 65lbs.  She eats real food, mostly unprocessed, walks a lot, climbs a lot of stairs, has a lot of "indoor cardio", eats a lot of baguette and crepes and pastries and rarely drinks (that last one is anti-French if you ask me).  And in the process she lost a helluva lot of weight.  Shaboom's friend Karen is trying to duplicate her efforts from Burbank and is down 13.5lbs in just 5 weeks.  What the what!?!  13.5lbs and I get to eat baguettes? 

I tried to get on the bandwagon by walking to the market, eating some baguettes and crepes and cornichons (Bernie insists on sounding like a hillbilly by calling them gherkins, which they are, but still).  If you haven't had real baguette with real butter and jam lately, OMG, one of the best things I've ever eaten.  Hands down.  Crepes at the farmer's market with ham, apple, leek, and brie?  Yes please.  100 flights of stairs?  No thank you.

Another thing I noticed was that these ladies eat a lot of yogurt.  Then I read this article, and there may be something to this yogurt thing:  From the April issue of Fitness: People who ate (18 ounces a day) - in conjunction with cutting their total calories - lost 22% more weight and 81% more belly fat than dieters who skipped the snack, according to research from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  blah blah blah When you eat yogurt, the calcium signals your fat cells to pump out less cortisol, making it easier for you to drop pounds, while the amino acids help burn fat.

Today I had 15oz. with granola

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