April 18, 2010

Grow Dammit Grow, part 4, the garden

The garden is coming along.  So far it has just taken a few hours of my time each weekend.  I must say this is quite a learning process, for example, it looks like my parsnips won't be read for eating until NEXT spring.  Hmmmm, that's an awfully long wait for a root veggie.  Last weekend I transplanted tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings to larger 4" pots.  I left town for a few days and they are already much bigger!  Not sure how many I should keep and how many I should give away.

A few weekends ago Bernie had removed all the fugly red mulch left by the previous owners and turned all the soil in our new garden - a 3.5' x 29.5' space along our South fence.  Last weekend I got the garden ready for seeds.  Bernie was conveniently sick all weekend so I moved 30 cubic feet of compost and top soil by my lonesome.  My assistant Cooper was of no help, but he did manage to pee on the bags.  At least I had cute LOL gloves to wear, that helps.  Bernie did some fancy man-stuff to the sprinklers and now my garden will get water in all the right places, supposedly.  Instead of the raised bed we had planned to do I just bought an ugly green wire fence from Home Depot to keep the dog at a distance.  Cheaper and easier - score!
This weekend I direct sowed carrot, parsnip and beet seeds on the left end of the garden.  On the right side of the garden I transplanted my first flat of lettuces and sowed spinach seeds and more lettuce seeds.  The transplanted lettuces don't look so swell.  Fingers are crossed.  I planted them close together because I'm going to use them for micro greens, not lettuce heads.  I'm wondering if lettuce is the best use of my limited space.  The biggest thing I'm unsure of is how much each seed or plant is going to produce...I'll have to take good notes for next year.  I couldn't keep my inner engineer out of the gardening process - my garden is mapped out on green graph paper to scale.  The cedar boards in the garden are just so I know where I'm at until I'm done planting. My garden assistant was pretty worn out when we were done. (note, those aren't my crocs)

 All my seeds are from the Hudson Valley Seed Libary, great company, check them out.


  1. He's a beauty fo sho. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. I will help you find a breeder if you can get me a lead on a French Bulldog.

  2. At least your "assistant" looks more attentive than mine. Raina has a pretty awesome dog herself. A super cool Border Collie named Max. I always want to put him in my purse and bring him home (same with Cooper, but I don't think I could lift the purse he would fit in!)



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