April 9, 2010

Grow Dammit Grow, part 3 compost

We're going to give composting a whirl this year.  And when I say we, typically it is really me and my bright ideas.  So, we bought this 170 gallon gigantic compost bin which was promptly shipped with every piece slightly broken.  This must happen often because there was a sticker on the box that said, if a piece is broken give Susie a call.  When I told Susie which pieces were broken, she said, but that is every piece!?!  Yep.  Every piece.  Susie sent me a replacement in a few days and Bernie put it together in the back 40.  Thinking it counter intuitive to throw away a compost bin I gave it to our friends Carolina and Jim who were able to glue the breaks and put it to use.  Two for the price of one!  Look at this monster...I think that is a 6 foot fence if that gives you any idea of scale.
My good friend Danielle gave me a stainless steel countertop compost pail for Christmas and it turns out, it is the perfect little thing.  Every time I put something in there I feel like I am saving the environment (from my Tahoe).  It has carbon filters in the top so the stink don't get out and she also gave me compostable pail liners.  The pail minus the filters can be thrown in the dishwasher.  Score!  It takes me almost a week to fill it up.
Thanks to my new compost bin, finally I now have a reason to take the spent coffee grounds that have been calling my name at Starbucks.  I always wondered what they were for, now I know!

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