April 5, 2010

Biggest Loser 2 - the details

Here we go again ladies!  I'm so proud of the success of Part I and that there was so much interest in keeping the contest going.  I've re-posted the rules from last time.  The contest will run 12 weeks from 4/6 - 6/29, just in time for you to wear a bathing suit on July 4th!

A Few Rules:
•First weigh-in will be Tuesday April 6 with a 1 week grace period for those who are unable on day 1.
•Taking a 'before' pic is a good way to gauge your progress, followed by an 'after' pic when we're done
•Weigh in every Tuesday for 12 weeks and report your progress to me via email or facebook message (no one's weight will be shared on this blog but if you don't want to share your weight with me you can send me your percentage lost, email me for the spreadsheet)
•I'll post weekly results
•Final weigh-in is Tuesday June 29
•There will be a prize for the winner - I'm still offering up a prize since our Round 1 winner Lori, tickled with her major weight loss, declined

A Few More Rules:
•Ladies only, and only ladies I know or who Follow my blog (anyone else can certainly follow along and would love to hear your comments!)
•We're on the honor system, cheaters need not apply
•Weekly weigh-ins should be on the same scale, at the same time, in the same outfit (or sans outfit if you prefer) and don't do something sneaky for that first weigh-in like down a gallon of water or put on your snow suit (Claire, this means you). Even though Claire is now skinny, she's still sneaky, so I'll leave this rule in.  :)  
•The person that loses the largest percentage of body weight (not number of pounds) will be our Biggest Loser
•Post a comment to this blog or send me an email if you want to participate!!!

keri dot hoffman at pepsico dot com

So far I have:  Me, Danielle, Karin, Jen, Ann, Kristy, Pickle, Amanda, Carolina, Michelle, Marcy, Lara, Anne Marie, Molly, Mindy, Claire, Megan, Leah, Tracy C-R, Amy S-C, Heidi, and an unknown Jamie.  Did I miss anyone?   Wow!  That's an even bigger group than last time!  I'm going to set a group goal this time of 250lbs!!!

If you're on the fence, it's not too late.  Did I mention we lost 188lbs last time?  Seriously.  For those of you new to my blog you can look at the Archive by Content thingy on the right side of the blog and look at some of our old posts (lots of healthy tips and individual stories), Healthy recipes, etc.  Time to kick some ass and take some names!  Again.

Update: Forgot to mention, when you send me your starting weight Tuesday morning please send me your weight-loss goal for the next 12 weeks.


  1. Hey Keri! I need to get your mailing info for the spring swap.

    I'm excited about getting to know you. Great blog you have here.


  2. BTW - my email is bethsayswhatishouldhavesaid@gmail.com

  3. Keri, is this the appropriate spot to share BL2 information...Do people share what different diets and exercise they are doing to help loose weight?

  4. If you want to share something it is probably best to email it to me. I usually include something from one of the contestants in each weekly posting - words of wisdom, tips, etc.



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