March 2, 2010

Week 9

After a bad Week 8 most people have gotten back on the wagon...or better yet, they are running in front of the damn wagon and burning a few extra calories (a 150lb woman running 5.2mph for 30 minutes burns 300+ calories).

I'm like a broken record here but Lori is still in the lead followed by Marcy. Claire is only 3lbs from her goal!  Lori is only 3.4lbs from her goal!  Marcy is 5lbs from her goal!  Do you remember what your goals are?  It's still entirely possible for all of us to lose at least 5% and for at least 4+ peoplel to lose 10%+.  Keep it up, 3 weeks left!!!

Below is the percentage of weight loss after Week 9 this is a running total, not a weekly result).

Keri 0.51%
Marija 2.29%
Karin 6.08%
Carolina 2.31%
Kristy 2.12%
Auntie Ann 5.16%
Jennifer 4.24%
Tracy 5.30%
Danielle 0.63%
Claire 7.44%
LaVerne 3.34%
Jamie 2.63%
Amy S-C 1.92%
Chelsea 3.13%
Marcy 9.66%
Lori 10.91%
Shannon 1.12%
Amy G-S 6.60%
Amanda 6.18%
Michelle 6.11%

Weekly Tip courtesy of Everyday Health:
Get More Sleep to Lose Weight
"We all should sleep eight hours a night," stresses Apovian. Studies show that people who don't get enough rest eat more when they're awake. If you find yourself dragging in the afternoon, you might think, I'm tired, so I'll eat. "But you feel tired because you're dehydrated and need to drink more water," explains Schmidt. Speaking of fluids, if you sip a lot of coffee and caffeinated sodas throughout the day, you might have trouble sleeping at night — plus caffeine further dehydrates you, requiring you to drink even more water.
Weekly Thoughts courtesy of your teammates/competitors:
1) If it is a weakness, then don't have it in the house!!!!!! Our weakness used to be BBQ chips, soda, and ice cream. I would buy it at the grocery store, and then tell myself that I have enough self-control not to binge on it. Well, at 10pm at night, I would get hungry and binge.

2) Choices - Learn the better option!!! You have a choice of brands for every single item you purchase at the grocery store. Read the ingredients and learn which brand is better.  Some times you have to lean into eating better...ease yourself in so to speak.

Taco Shells - Ortega (bad) vs. Ole Del Paso (better) The reason is the partially hydrogenated oils that are in Ortega. The price is the same, but one won't give me heart disease.

Butter - Country Crock (bad) vs. Olivio (good) and Smart Balance (good). Butters made with olive oil are wayyy better for you.

Lettuce - ALWAYS BUY ORGANIC!!! There is no skin to protect you from the pesticides, and you can't wash every single leaf. Just switch to organic lettuce and be done with it.

Potato Chips - we only buy organic tortilla chips or Food Should Taste Good chips. No other kinds are allowed in our house anymore.  Still high calories though.

Bread - switch to whole wheat bread immediately. Make this a habit when ordering out too. Once you are comfortable with wheat bread, then switch to Ezekiel bread.

Sweeteners - Switch to a stevia-based sweetener such a PureVia or Truvia. This will not mess with your cravings like NutraSweet or Equal.
Jelly and Peanut Butter - switch to an 'all-fruit' jelly (no added sugar) and to a natural peanut butter. Start off with a no-stir natural peanut butter like Skippy Natural. When you get more brave, then switch to the one that you have to stir.
 Pasta - first switch to Barilla (yellow-box). When you are comfortable with that switch, then try quinoa and rice pasta.

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  1. I use SweetLeaf brand of stevia. It is much more pure than Truvia or PureVia.



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