March 1, 2010

OMFG I Heart This

Even though I'm in the middle of a bad bathroom project, the fabulous designer that I am working with sent me a link of a D.I.Y. stencil project.  I have to do it.  This is the coolest most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time.  I'm sure it will turn out like complete shit and I'll be cursing the day I ever tried it but I don't care.  Does anyone want to join me in the madness?  Pickel?  Marija?  This seems right up your alley ladies.  Something about the level of difficulty of this project brings out the DIY'er devil in me.  Let's turn our bad small bathrooms into beautiful masterpieces, shall we?  Sorry Bernie.  Sorry Nipper.  Sorry Moseli.

DIY Imperial Trellis Stencil by Hello Gorgeous


  1. There is no way I can do that pattern, but I'm willing to try it with mine. Pickel you in? I can't start until after the Lady Gaga video is shot. Obv.

  2. I think you should do it. Or get some sucker on Etsy to do it for you.

  3. how in the hell did i miss this post? and i was totally mentioned!! omg. seriously, what planet was i on?

    i'm late to the party, but i'm IN. now we all know that both of you have finished your bathrooms and they are FAB. i am next. truly. we are gonna have a ridiculous bathroom. i am just hoping that it can be as swanky as the silver/hot pink bathroom my grandparents had in their apartment. sounds dubious, but i swear, it's gonna be awesome.

  4. I finished my basement bath, but I still have this in mind for my first floor bath!!!

  5. the shocking part is that the lady did this to an entire bedroom. egads!! but the stencil seems easy enough to make and bathrooms are not too enormous....but still. yikes-a-roni.



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