March 29, 2010

Decorating for Dummies

Now that Jonathan Adler is my Facebook friend he sent me this article he wrote on about arranging items for your home.  I like this mix of symmetry and asymmetry (his words, not mine, duh).  Since I am only slightly left brained compared to other engineers, I like how it is asymmetric yet organized.  Decorating dressers, tables, etc are always hard for me.  And, if you so desire, there is a 10% discount code in the article for  Let me know if you buy anything!  I want that mirror.  Or this one.  Either would work in black for my "new" bathroom but at $595 - way out of my price range, even after the discount.  A girl can dream...


  1. While I'm not always lovin' everything JA creates, I'm always lovin' JA.

  2. You could find a good substitute. Try thrift stores and yard sales. No joke. A little spray paint can go a long way on a cool shaped mirror.

  3. Was googling J.Adler, for some of my own obsessions and stumbled over I can friend him on facebook...huh? :)

  4. Totally! I think it is a fan page though but it seems to be coming from him/his peeps.



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