March 8, 2010

It's perplexing, I know

Have you ever had to explain to your husband why you bought bedding for a bed you don't yet own?  Below is the bedding I bought for our second guest room.  It's true, we don't own said bed.  But I found this bedding, and thought, I love that.  But then I thought it silly to buy bedding with no bed.  So I looked over my shoulder at the display bed as I rode the escalator down.  Regret.  I went back the next day.  Good Choice.  Now I need to pick a paint color - which will be in a total different direction than where I was heading.  The duvet is called "rings" by the Hotel Collection.  It was on sale and I had a coupon.  It's a creamy silvery color they call oyster, almost a champagne color, and has the slightest bit of blue in the rings.  I'm envisioning something dramatic.  Exciting.

So sometimes, bedding comes first, then paint, then the bed.  Crazy but true.  My designer suggested I find bedding first and I was all, no way, I want to pick paint first.  Yep, ate those words.  As usual.  Once the basement bath is done this will be the next room on the DIY list.

If I can bribe a few of you to visit at the same time I will have a valid reason to buy the second guest bed sooner rather than later.  Any takers?  Girls weekend? 

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