March 15, 2010

Grow Dammit, Grow!

So it begins, our first garden.  The lovely Mrs. Anne Marie Hoffman was in Denver for a brief stay at our house Friday night...just long enough to help get our seeds started.  I did not twist her arm and put her to work mind you, she was thrilled at the thought of working in the "garden" after two years in a Brooklyn walk-up. Pictures don't lie, girl was giddy.  See for yourself.  Todd, buy that woman some land, she needs green space.

And did you know Dr. AM worked at a Botanical Garden once?  Very helpful in planning what to start, where to put it, etc.  We got the lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, and brussels sprouts started.  It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in Denver and I'm glad we got everything seeded because it snowed the very next day.  If all my seeds grow, I will be handing plants and veggies over to friends. 

I used 72 cell flats.  We planted nine cells of each variety, more for salad greens.  I tried to get two seeds into every cell but those buggers are hard to handle and some times I may have put five in there.  I bought all of my seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library.  I very much recommend this company, and even if you don't buy their seeds they have a great blog with lots of good information on seed starting, seed collecting, gardening, etc.  In addition to what we bought, Bernie's Auntie Ann and Uncle John sent us a house warming gift of seeds - how great was that?  HVSL has great artists packs of seeds that might be fun to frame (bad pic, but it was so sunny I couldn't tell), my favs are Bridge to Paris Peppers and New Yorker Tomatoes.  All in all I have 25+ varieties to plant, overly ambitious for a first time gardener to say the least.

Anne Marie did all of the dirty work, I somehow managed to take pictures and drop the seeds into the holes she made me.  The lettuces are in the cold frame a.k.a. the front porch and everything else is in the heated green house a.k.a. the back porch.  And now we wait.  And plan next steps.  And build our raised beds.  More to come...but I will say, if all goes well, this will be very rewarding.  p.s. I had a great time getting to know the other Mrs. Hoffman better, can you come visit again soon?  Maybe around transplant time? 



  1. please send her to my house if she's done at yours.

  2. Actually, aren't you in NY? My fabulous sister in law is in Brooklyn for a few more months if you want to hire her. My brussels sprouts seedlings came up in only 3 days!!!!



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