February 24, 2010

Who needs to recommit???

Let's face it ladies, as a whole, we had a stinker of a week in our Biggest Loser contest.  It was pretty dismal, all around.  While most of us are maintaining whatever weight loss we've achieved, a lot of us have been pretty stuck on a big plateau for the last 4 weeks.  Personally I think I've had the worst results of anyone - kind of ironic since I started this contest yes?  Rember all that smack talk I dished out?  It came back to smack me in the face.

So here is my challenge within a challenge.  We have 4 weeks left.  Who will recommit with me?  Here it goes, I promise to spend the next 4 weeks giving it my all.  Counting calories, skipping meals out, working out with my trainer, yoga classes, cardio - gasp.  I will allow myself one free meal a week but I can no longer use travel or special occassions as a free for all.  Wine during the week?  Nope.  Fancy cheeses?  Nope.  Not unless they are in my one free meal.

As an added motivator to stimulate your competitive sides - whoever loses the highest percentage of weight in the last four weeks will win a little bonus prize.

So, who's with me????

My friend Danielle, also a contestant, gave me the idea of pairing people up with "buddies" this last week.  Someone to check in with and get motivation from.  A littlel more accountability to keep us honest.  Claire and Danielle are typically my buddies already - and we don't take many excuses.  If you're interested in getting a buddy - either someone you know or someone you don't know let me know - post a comment or send me an email.

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