February 23, 2010

Week 8 - in the home stretch!

It's been a tough week for all - I challenge you to stick it out.  One month to go - can you rally and meet your goals?  You don't want to give up now do you?  Let's see how strong we can finish.

Lori is still in the lead followed by Marcy.  Claire moved up to third place and is making a power play!  Almost half of this group has lost at least 5% and with a month to go, how many can lose 10%????

Below is the percentage of weight loss after Week 8 this is a running total, not a weekly result).

Keri 0.51%
Marija 1.91%
Karin 4.97%
Carolina 2.31%
Kristy 2.75%
Auntie Ann 4.52%
Jennifer 4.24%
Tracy 5.30%
Danielle 0.78%
Claire 6.47%
LaVerne 2.82%
Jamie 2.63%
Amy S-C 1.92%
Chelsea 1.64%
Marcy 8.41%
Lori 9.70%
Shannon 1.12%
Amy G-S 6.25%
Amanda 5.11%
Michelle 6.11%

Weekly Tip courtesy of Everyday Health:
Break the Binge/Guilt/Binge Cycle

You're changing your lifestyle, so change your behaviors, too. Promise yourself no more binges, even when you fall off the wagon. Just because you ate a slice of cake doesn't mean you should follow it with slices two and three. One piece of cake is 500 calories, while a pound of fat is 3,500. You'd have to eat it every day for a week to gain a pound. Once won't derail all the work you've done, so don't beat yourself up — just get back on track, says Schmidt.
Weekly Thoughts courtesy of your teammates/competitors:
A friend of mine finally hired a trainer. She does hour-long sessions, 2 times per week, plus she does cardio on her own the remaining days. She lost 10 pounds (and 15 inches) in 5 weeks. She must look ripped because she wasn't bad to begin with.

So it REALLY got me thinking. I have a freakin' gym in my basement, but I don't use it. I complain that I have no one to work-out with. Boo Hoo! I have plenty of time to workout, but I don't. I spend my free time elsewhere.

 I am kicking it up a notch!

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