February 11, 2010

Week 6 - half way there!

Late late late late I am.  See note about "life" below.  As for the weekly shout outs - Lori and Marcy are kicking some major ass.  Karin is in a not-to-shabby 3rd place!  Tracy, Claire, Amy G-S, Amanda, Marcy, and Lori are at least half way to their goal - um, awesome!  And on a personal note, Claire, Carolina, and I just finished a kick-butt workout with Heather, my personal trainer.  Below is the percentage of weight loss after Week 6 (this is a running total, not a weekly result).

Keri 1.35%
Marija 3.05%
Karin 6.35%
Carolina 2.31%
Kristy 2.75%
Auntie Ann 4.52%
Jennifer 4.24%
Tracy 3.79%
Danielle 0.78%
Claire 5.18%
LaVerne 2.82%
Jamie 1.58%
Amy S-C 2.56%
Chelsea 2.19%
Marcy 8.41%
Lori 8.69%
Shannon 0.37%
Amy G-S 5.56%
Amanda 5.91%
Michelle 4.44%

Weekly Tip courtesy of Everyday Health:
Feed Your Mind and Body
So often people eat simply because they're bored and depressed about being on a diet! Shift your focus away from the drudgery of counting calories and find ways to replace eating with fun. Investigate activities that not only get you up and moving, but may also promote well-being, like yoga, Pilates, and meditation. "You need to take that time for yourself," says Schmidt. "Even if you just go for a 30-minute walk, for instance, to get away from daily living, you could relax and be stress-free."
Weekly Thoughts courtesy of your teammates/competitors:
I didn't really hear from anyone this week so I will post a little something inspirational that happened.  So, I sent a reminder email to a few of the ladies that didn't post their weights.  I think two replied that they were quitting and one was too ashamed to share this week.  You know how this happens - travel, work, kids sick, parents with health issues, you know, life.  A dozen supportive reply-to-all messages later and everyone was back in and re-committed.  It happened right before my eyes.  That made me feel proud of pulling this little group together.  Whether you know it or not, you are helping and inspiring someone else...so let's all re-commit.  I'm shouting this most loudly at myself.

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