January 12, 2010

Week 2 Results

Below is the percentage of weight loss after Week 2 (this is a running total, not a weekly result).  Can I just say holy crap Marcy?  WTF girl?  Awesome.  And the rest of you biatches, I mean ladies, aren't doing too shabby either!  Moi on the other hand...I have some serious catching up to do.  

Keri  1.18%
Marija 2.29%
Karin  2.21%
Carolina 0%
Kristy 1.48%
Auntie Ann 2.58%
Jennifer 3.06%
Tracy 1.52%
Danielle 1.10%
Claire 0.65%
LaVerne 1.78%
Jamie 0.53%
Amy S-C 1.28%
Chelsea  1.41%
Marcy 5.30%
Kathy 0.5%
Lori 3.84%
Shannon  2.60%
April 0%
Amy G-S 3.13%
Amanda 2.15%
Michelle 2.22%

Weekly Tip courtesy of Everyday Health.
Stop Stress Eating 
Use behavior modification to keep you from reaching for the cookies when you get anxious. "Try activities that aren't compatible with eating, like knitting, playing piano, and painting," suggests Schmidt. When you're tempted between meals, she suggests looking at your watch and asking yourself, "Is it my time to eat?" If not, grab the paintbrush. The problem with between-meal nibbling is the chain reaction it starts: We take a bite of a candy bar, feel guilty about it, and then eat the whole thing! Because stress eating is often done on the fly, Apovian says to abide by the following mantra: If you cannot enjoy every bite and eat slowly, it is not worth eating.

Weekly Thoughts courtesy of your teammates/competitors. If you have anything you want to share with the group, send it to me with your weight next week and I'll post it in this section.

This week we have some simple tips that your teammates use when their resolve is low:
  • feel like snacking?  brush your teeth.  no one likes to eat with clean teeth.
  • want dessert after dinner or have the munchies?  have hot decaf tea.  I just bought coconut cocoa tea - yum.
  • didn't get your workout in yet you're sitting in front of the tv?  drop and give me 20.  as in 20 push ups, 20 crunches, 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 dips....you can get a good workout in during your favorite show using your own body weight. 
  • night time munchies screwing your plan?  paint your nails.  can't put your hand in that bag of chips with wet nails.
  • ask yourself not just if you want the cookie, but do you need the cookie?  think things over, be mindful
  • lastly, be accountable.  you get some of that here, but maybe not enough.  tell your husband, tell your kids, ask for their support.  get your coworkers on board.  keep a journal and be accountable to yourself - I won't eat something because I know I'll have to write it in my journal and then there is no denying it.
Now what's your excuse?  Oh, don't have one?  Good.  Keep working hard!  I'm expecting some big results next week.


  1. Great tips, Keri.

    To add to the "ask yourself not just if you want the cookie, but do you need the cookie? think things over, be mindful"....

    If the answer is "YES", then delay eating the cookie by 30 minutes. In the meantime, drink some water. Then when 30 minutes is up, ask yourself again if you want the cookie. Most likely the urge to eat the cookie will have passed as you were really thirsty.

  2. Keri, thank you for keeping track of our progress as a total rather than weekly. This is one aspect of "The Biggest Loser" that I dislike.

    Hey, Marcy, congratulations. Can you share some tips?

  3. Your welcome! As for how I track - it is just easier on me. Easier = better.

  4. I've just been counting calories... I figured out how many I needed per day to reach my goal. I just found this site:
    ...which gave the same calorie intake that I am using, so I know I'm on track. It is hard, but my husband is doing it with me, which makes it easier. I was hungry at first, but I chase 3 kids around, so most times I don't even notice. I try to eat small amounts all day to keep me full. Its amazing how fast you convert to healthy foods when counting calories. Those cookies, cakes, crackers, candy etc add up so fast it leaves you with hardly any calories to eat during the day!
    Another thing I do is weigh in every day on the Wii Fit Plus. Having to see that graph every night is a motivator!

  5. for iphone users, there is a GREAT and FREE app called Lose it! it's like a food diary, but better.



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