January 29, 2010

J'adore Paris Breakfasts

J'adore?  Hopefully that means I love.  My french is a little rusty from high school, even though that was only like 5 years ago.  Anyway.  A few weeks ago Bernie's cousin Nipper's wife Marija, M'Oprah as I call her of late, blogged about a wonderful little blog called Paris Breakfasts by Carol Gillott. 

I thought, I love France and I love breakfast so why not check it out?   Turns out you can commission your very own water color from Ms. Carol G of a Parisian shop front and she can even put yourself or your dog in the painting.  What the What?  I had to have Cooper immortalized in front of a Paris wine shop.  Duh.  I think the whole process took barely a week.  (The color is a little better in real life than shown here).  I'm thinking of getting a series of these, if I can find the perfect place to put them.  Cooper was even in Carol's blog, what a star!

Merci Carol G!


  1. Merci beaucoup Keri AND COOPER!!!
    What a handsome boy :)

  2. Such a great painting! Cooper totally deserves to be immortalized in a piece of art.

  3. it's perfect! I can't wait to order mine. Now I just have to narrow it down to which one I want. I think a series might be in order over here too...

  4. tres belle or is it beau? It has been (ahem) a little more than (ahem) five years for me since high school. I had a cat named Cooper once and his sister was Audrey (from Twin Peaks).

  5. tres bon maybe? And it's been more than 5 years for me too...going on ahem 18. gulp.



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