January 15, 2010

Calling All Designers!!!

I'm in the process of starting to work with a bona fide designer on our dining room and parlor but we have a few rooms that still need their very own colors.  I say we, but it is really just me that thinks this.  Bernie thinks everything is just fine the way it is.  So, shhh, don't tell him we have more painting to do.

I thought it might be fun to post some pictures and get suggestions.  Maybe I'll end up with something fabulous that I wouldn't have considered on my own.  Plus, I've already painted 6 rooms and I think I've used every bit of creativity I may have had.  And won't it be fun when I post the final results and you picked the color???  I may be lame, but it sounds like fun to me.

Master Bath.  Currently a shade of the peachy yellowish color that was throughout the entire house.  White fixtures, white door, white trim, brushed nickel hardware, and a warm tan natural stone on the floor and in the shower.  Perfectly fine, but very blah.  Nothing special here.

Spare Bedroom.  It's pink, gag.  Enough said.  White trim, small room, wood floors.  What would you do in this little space?  Eventually we want to get a bed in here for Grace and Eve and anyone else who may visit.

Basement 3/4 Bath.  Currently this room is small with a white door, white trim, white fixtures, brushed nickel hardware, and a black built-in cabinet and mirror.  The floor is (gasp) white/black linoleum.  Outside this room is our basement living room with light green walls with tan carpet.

 So, any ideas?  Come on, help a sista out.


  1. oooh...color choices..how fun!

    bathroom #1: warm purple. or if that is too much then camel hair.

    extra room: sunny yellow. use it as a crafting and pondering room.

    bathroom #2: avocado green.

  2. bathroom #1: chocolate brown, I love what that color did for our blah tan tile in the bathroom. And it's a nice modern contrast for the white clawfoot, etc...

    extra room: silken pine by benjamin moore also good for crafting and pondering, or guest sleeping

    bathroom #2 silver or cool metallic wallpaper. BE BOLD!

  3. Such great suggestions!!!

    M- how would chocolate brown compare to bitter chocolate in our kitchen? Example?

    I was expecting silken pine to be green but online it looks grey? Grey is the direction I was leaning for that room.

    Wallpaper - normally I hate. But your link is cool. Can you wallpaper a very small space? Maybe a metallic paint would be cool too.

    Pickel, I like the idea of avocado green. Yellow makes me uneasy though :)

    I may have to swing by the home depot. I got through 30% of the Behr ultra paint samples on my last visit and need to grab the other 70%. maybe I need to spring for the Benjamin Moore sample kit.

  4. silken pine is the very pale grey green. It's grey without being grim, and green without being weird. A friend of mine has this color in her office and it's very pretty. I think the bitter chocolate is a little darker than what I'm talking about, but definitely in that vein. I'll have to look up what color our bathroom is. But it looks like deep dark chocolate to me. I just made the whole thing look more sophisticated and less phhllbbbttt.

    Benjamin Moore has great swatches that tell you what the base color is which I find helpful when looking at a lot of colors that are very similar.



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