January 1, 2010

Buon Anno Nuovo 2010!!!

2009 went out with a bang!  After sleeping through my scheduled workout, I decided a day of pampering was more approriate.  I took a bath in our claw foot tub, got a mani and a pedi (note to the ladies, my new favorite polish is a gray by OPI called You Don't Know Jacques, delish), got my hair cut and colored (yes, I pay $ to dye my brown hair browner), then went out for a late fancy schmancy dinner with my honey.  Bernie had an equally indulgent day, spent in bed with the dog.  A late night concert the night before reminded him that indeed, he is no longer 22.

 For the very first time ever we went out on New Year's Eve.  We went to the Barolo Grill.  magical.  Barolo is a northern Italian restaurant near our house and I had been wanting to try it for quite some time.  They had a valet, and a perky coat check girl, and the owner, Blair Taylor, greeted us at the door. fancy.  Everyone was so happy and welcoming and happy new year greetings were shared by all.  Prosecco was poured.  Fun was had.

We had a 5-course prix fixe menu and I opted for the wine pairing (duh).  As usual, Bernie and I made completely different choices.  It's hard to describe this menu in a reasonable amount of words so I will tell you about our first course, which by far was my favorite.

For the antipasti Bernie had the Carpaccio di Tonno ~ blue fin tuna carpaccio with uni dressing, shaved foie gras, micro greens, black truffles & balsamic.  For moi, Maiale con Radice di Sedano ~ pork belly with celery root puree, caramelized pears & a port reduction sauce paired with a Lagrein wine called Spiegel from Caldaro, 2005 Alto Adige.  I've never heard of the Lagrein grape before but I will be heading out tout suite to find this wine and make it mine.

Such an evening.  We might just have to consider this place ours.


  1. that dinner sounds amazing! you guys look amazing too!

  2. Thanks! It was awesome. I'm already thinking up excuses to go again.



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