December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had the pleasure of sharing our Christmas dinner with the Trahey's again this year: Steve, Stef, Grace, Eve and Steve's mom Rosann.  This has been an almost-yearly tradition since I moved out to Colorado.  We had the usual holiday mishaps: I overcooked the beef a little bit, dropped the cake slapstick-style on the dining room floor and wall, and sliced my thumb open when a knife flew out of the dishwasher and I was dumb enough to try and catch it, you know, the usual.  Other than that, it was the perfect holiday dinner.  We still ate that cake by the way.  Don't judge.  15 second rule.  The menu is below. 

The Menu
Apple Cake
Steve's Mom's cheesecake

The Wine
Argiano Toscano non confunditur 2007
Orin Swift Saldo Zinfandel 2007
Chateau du Tertre Margaux 2003

I started taking pictures of the meal but then I got distracted I guess because I didn't get past the appetizers and salad (more wine anyone?)

p.s. I highly recommend the prosciutto rolls. Make sure the prosciutto is thick enough and I would use less arugula and more fig.



  1. Maybe you should start the "Keep knives away from Keri" fanclub. I would join :)

  2. Looks delicious. My reduction sauce took longer than expected and wasn't as set up as I would have liked. But in better news, I made too much so I froze it and now I have a reason to make steaks again soon.

  3. I find prep time is the key. Have everything chopped and ready and do as much ahead of time as possible so you can relax instead of running around like a mad woman. Pass on the recipe please.

    And yes, this particular awesome knife has been my nemesis as of late.



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