December 4, 2009

Hell Yeah, It's Christmas!!!

Christmas was big in my family.  Huge.  The biggest of deals.  Then I lost my mom and grandpa (the Christmas ring leaders) and moved across the country all in the span of less than a year - only to find out that Bernie hates Christmas, more specifically, Christmas decorations.  This may have been a deal breaker if I had known ahead of time.  I blame Frankenmuth for Bernie, home of Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

It's hard to get in the spirit when your significant other is shouting bah humbug.  But then against his better judgement I'm sure, Bernie came home on our first Christmas Eve in our new house with a 16 foot pre lit tree.  Such a sweet, and manly, jesture.  That tree was so big and bright it lit up the entire front room.  GE, we bring good things to light!  Look at the cathedral ceilings and the large day bed to really appreciate the scale.

We (when I say we, I really mean I) couldn't really enjoy this tree because it was out in the living room.  I'm under the belief that you need to be in the same room as your tree for maximum enjoyment.  So, I went out and got a reasonably sized tree for our family room.  So we could enjoy a tree in the room we were in the most.  Makes sense, right?

So in the last 7 or so years we accumulated two trees and about 5,000 ornaments, some even from Bronner's (thanks Karen).  The big tree didn't follow us to the new house, but all of its ornaments did.  We now have three shelving units of Christmas decorations in our small storage room for only one small sad Target tree.  I think next year a new tree is in order, and the Target tree will be our basement tree.  So we can enjoy it in the room we're in the most.  Poor Bernie.  For now, the Target tree reigns supreme in the parlor.  Merry Christmas!

Parlor Shoppign Guide: in case anyone was wondering, the awesome new lucite table came from Overstock, the lambskin rug is from Costco, and the jute rug is from West Elm.  The mirror, purchased earlier this year, is from Restoration Hardware.  "Vintage" day bed circa 2004 and monogrammed Christmas stockings are from Pottery Barn.

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  1. That Bernie is a good egg. Your house and tree look great. So cozy! I love Christmas too. Nipper is pretty bah humbag too. Frankenmuth did a number on those kids...



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