November 24, 2009

Week 1

I've decided since my year started on a Tuesday I'll report my progress every Tuesday.  So how did this first week go?  Great!  Not perfect, but who can bother with perfection?  I think it is important to allow yourself to be successful and what I mean by that is challenge yourself, but be realistic in your goals.  For this week I set small goals: make my own healthy meals, start working out again, and have just one "free" meal (eat/drink whatever I want without guilt or loathing).  Next week my goals will get more challenging.  Here's how it went.

Make your own food & take your lunch to work - it not only saves you calories but it saves you a ton of money.  It takes a lot of meal planning and grocery shopping for this to work but it makes it so much easier to control what you are putting into your body.  Here is an example of a typical Friday night used to be like: eat 3-4 pieces of yummy delivery pizza, with ranch, with 1/2 bottle of red wine (a whole bottle if Bernie isn't drinking, don't judge).  Here is the healthier version that I made this week: store bought pre-stretched thin pizza crust from Whole Foods, put on some tomato sauce and use a light hand with the mozzarella.  I like mine with tomatoes and basil.  No ranch.  No red wine.  I had it with a small salad instead.  It wasn't any less satisfying, it was cheaper, and it was better for me.

Workout!  This week I got in four, count 'em, four 90 minute hot power yoga classes.  I can't say I enjoyed every minute but there is something gratifying about being in a pose while sweat is dripping off your face onto your mat.  I also went for a 70 minute walk with Claire and our dogs.  We weren't hauling ass by any means but hey, we were moving.

One free meal.  This is what you promise yourself that allows you to get through the week.  My friend Danielle used to keep a running list of all the things she was going to have on her free day.  Mine was two glasses of red wine, filet mignon, and a small twice baked potato.  My.Favorite.Meal.Ever.  Worth every bite.  No regrets.  Having some treats whether they be a little bit here and there, a free meal, or a free day allows you to keep some sanity.  I mean seriously, a life without pizza?  Please.

Final result: -2lbs.*
*since I'm not man enough to share my weight with the world I'm going to consider my starting weight 0lbs.  Each week I'll let you know where I am with respect to that number...preferably I want this to be a growing negative number - duh.

p.s. thanks for all the positive feedback this week - does an ego good.

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