November 22, 2009

My Secret Life as a Wannabe Designer

Most of you know we bought a 1904 Denver Square (American Foursquare) overlooking City Park at the end of July.  We love it.  It has most of the original features: hard wood floors throughout, windows, doors, moldings, claw foot tub, stained glass, etc.  It also has all of the renovations that us modern girls require: new electrical, new bathrooms, new kitchen.  Here's our baby, just look at that view of the park and downtown Denver!  It's like being in NY without the stench or rudeness.
Before we moved in we were able to get a lot of the painting done because who wants to paint after you move in?  You have to move all your stuff, again.  My engineer's brain tells me that is way too inefficient so I'm glad it worked out the way it did.  I'll post more as things get finished but here is a work in progress that I'm most proud of, the kitchen.  Here it was before we moved in.  Quite lovely, but slightly lame.  I don't have a good picture of the built in chalk board but it basically took up a large portion of the only empty wall in the kitchen.  There was also a very sad light fixture that has since been replaced with a beautiful all glass chandelier from Z Gallerie.
Someone at our housewarming party called this color "baby poop yellow" and I can't say I disagree.  I saw a lot of black rooms in the last round of home decorating magazines that I subscribe to and when Bernie came home that day I said, "We're going to paint the kitchen BLACK!"  He looked scared, but said okay.  Black then turned into a warm brown called "bitter chocolate" from Behr.  The chalk board is now a thing of the past and we have the main wall painted.  The rest of the room is going to be a biatch to paint so that will take some time.  Love love love it.  Big time. 

work in progress
Ta Da!!!  The color is warmer in person.  Tune back in around January - it will probably take us that long to finish painting this small room, unfortunately.  I'm envisioning either a large piece of art on this wall (which we can't afford right now) or four large framed photos that I plan to take myself of my favorite wine bottles and beautiful cheese plate setups.
As a side note, I've never understood people that live in beige houses. Some of my best friends are surrounded in beige. Which is fine.  Just don't live in beige because you're afraid of paint.  Be bold and try something new, if you don't like it, it's an easy fix.  A few tips: Don't buy a gallon from a paint chip.  They've made it so easy to buy samples for about $2.50 each.  I probably bought 25 samples to pick the colors throughout the house.  Then I gave all my samples away to my friend Claire so she could try them out on her new house.  Put the color on the wall, several walls, and let it dry.  Then look at it in natural light, dusk, artificial light...the paint will take on a different life.  Happy painting friends!!!


  1. And Claire can't thank you enough for the donations! I also bought several more and am more than happy to pass those along to anyone who's considering painting!

  2. GORGEOUS color! And good for you for making such a bold choice.

  3. Claire, great idea. It's like paying it forward on a design level. Maybe I'll have to look at the ones you bought...still need a color for the bedrooms.

  4. LOVE the chocolate kitchen wall! That is so great. Makes me want to paint something... but what? Nipper? are you there?



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