November 18, 2009

Day 1

I planned to start blogging on January 1st. I dreamed about all the things I wanted to talk about yet didn’t care if anyone listened – my goals for the year (typically fitness/weight loss related), wine & cheese & gourmet food, healthy living, gardening, green living, our adventures in the Big City. I was looking for an outlet.

I gave up yoga for 5+ months to train for the marathon. Last night was my first class back. I had a come to Jesus moment.  A big one.  Now, this isn’t pansy ass yoga with a few om’s and light stretching, this is 90 minutes of advanced Hot power yoga at Yoga on 6th with incredible teachers and incredible students and a lot of sweat and maybe a few om’s. This class felt as hard as my first class and I started having an internal conversation with myself that went a little something like this:

This sucks. Am I going to hurl? How bad is this going to hurt tomorrow? How did I just finish a marathon yet this is so hard? Chaturanga. Man, I should do something about this. But you’re going to start at the beginning of the year, you still have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years to contend with so why start now? Did the marathon really make my calves this big?  Upward facing dog. Do you want to spend the next two months feeling like this while you wait to get started? Downward facing dog. No. No I do not.

So as I said, I planned to start blogging January 1st. I’m the kind of girl that likes to start fresh. I’ll start fresh on Monday! or the first of the month, or the first of the year, etc. Then plan, plan, plan for that fresh start!  I will start fresh as soon as I get my plan in place! This will be My Year! The year I finally lose the weight. The year I finally become a runner. The year I….(insert goal here). 2003 was going to be My Year! So I didn’t go into my 30’s overweight. 2005 was going to be My Year! It was the year I was going to run my first NYC marathon. 2008 was going to be My Year! The year I got married. 2009 was going to be My Year! The year I did my second NYC Marathon on my 35th birthday. Get the picture? Now don’t get me wrong, during this time I achieved a lot – got my MBA, got hitched, fought for and won a promotion, finished four ½ marathons and two full marathons (26.2 miles each people!). I just achieved them at a slower pace, and a higher weight, than I set out to do.

I try not to ever use excuses for why I didn't reach my goals, but I can give you several: I travel for work, my mom died, I like to eat, marathon training makes me hungry, my dad had a stroke, wine is yummy, I became hypothyroid, etc.

So, I throw this out for all to read, or not read, because once I’m fully committed to getting something done, I have way too much pride to quit. So I'll be writing about weight loss and working out but I will also be chatting about my other favorite things.  So this is my year, and it started on a random Tuesday night after a non-religious girl came to Jesus.


  1. I'm so glad you're doing this! You kick ass, and make me feel like a serious under achiever

  2. I love this idea - talk about documenting things and holding yourself accountable. wow. I'm too much of a non follower throug-er to do something so brave. you go, lady!



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